'footbridge' client:

"Other than providing an excellent structure which is sound, beautiful, and elegant, Sam clearly saw this project as both a destination and a means of getting across the stream. He is a superb designer as well as a great project manager. Not only did he find a very cost-effective source for the glue-lam support arches, he provided patient and wise supervision of the entire project. The very best!"

'house in a coastal landscape' client:

"Before beginning work on our house, Sam wisely asked us to describe what we wanted in a few words. "Cozy but open," we said, which is exactly what we got in our much loved second home by a tidal cove in Maine where we feel like we're living outside, yet are totally comfortable and cozy inside in all seasons."

"Sam worked with us every step of the way to make sure that within his aesthetic, he carried out our wishes. He presented his carefully thought out ideas clearly, was flexible in adapting them to our needs, and was extremely thorough in researching the best design solutions for us, such as finding doors and windows from a Canadian company that greatly enhance our house. In the five years since we moved in, every day we're there -- more like every minute we're there -- we marvel at the pleasures of living inside a work of art that also functions beautifully to meet our needs, and are eternally grateful to Sam for working so well with us to create our Shangri-la."

'mission driven foundation' client:

"Sam worked with us to design a model green office space for the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. From our first meeting with Sam, we were struck by how well he listened to us and worked to understand our goals for the space. Sam created a highly functional work space with inspired communal areas which include: rounded walls formed from recycled beams, a three story wall of plants which filters the return air for the entire building, and a reception area which welcomes visitors with graceful simplicity. Throughout the project Sam worked exceptionally well with our contractors and team of architects and engineers. Of all the architects that we worked with, Sam brought to the table the most creative design concepts coupled with a practical understanding of budget and time constraints."

'artist's studio connected farmhouse' client:

"Sam designed a studio for me in Maine. He had the challenge of designing a building which would relate to our old farmhouse and yet have contemporary lines. This wonderful studio is well laid out and full of good light. And in addition he improved on the farmhouse itself by cutting out a small entrance, designing an office space in the crooked connector between the house and the barn, and adding a deck. It was very challenging! Sam is easy to talk to and listens well, and I would recommend him highly!"